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  1. Zack

    Demolition Timer, Prestige, Tags, and Points

    Hello everyone! I've been working on quite a few things behind the scenes and have silently implemented a bunch of things that you should know about. This post covers those things and is broken up into sections so you can pick and chose what to read, but I'd really recommend reading the whole...
  2. Zack

    Changes, Improvements, and Plans!

    Hello everyone! As of today, it has been exactly one week since Endercross went fully public. I've been extremely happy with how things have gone and the feedback I've gotten so far. A lot has happened in a week, some of it behind the scenes, some of it not. If you're interested in what's...
  3. Zack

    Welcome (back) to Endercross: Eras!

    Welcome to Endercross: Eras, an old school Towny experience run by old school Towny admins. Right now, we're in very early development in a whitelisted state. As of now, the server is very classic Endercross (and Towny servers in general) with Jobs and mcMMO. If you want to be whitelisted...