Official Server Rules

If you are found to be breaking these rules, it may have a negative impact on the experience of our platform(s) for others. As such, we have the right to remove you from our platform(s) at our discretion. We ask you kindly to listen to our staff members and defer to their judgement in vague situations.

Be civil and be kind

It's simple, and common courtesy. Treat all members with respect and express your thoughts in an appropriate manner.

Chat Conduct & Inappropriate Behavior

Chat in Minecraft is extremely important for the overall experience. Following these rules of conduct is a must.

  • No disrespectful and/or offensive language
  • Do not excessively curse
  • Do not spam, flood, or use excessive caps in chat
  • Do not harass, abuse, bully, or discriminate
  • Do not use inappropriate usernames, nicknames, skins or profile pictures
  • Do not impersonate others, especially staff
  • Do not advertise
  • Do not Dox. This is illegal to begin with.
  • Speak in English in the General chat

Gameplay Rules

The rules of engagement. The following are not allowed.

  • Any cheating/hacking of any kind. This includes duplication
  • Griefing within town borders. If you see this kind of action, report it immediately.
  • Stealing or any form of theft
  • Intentionally killing people outside of PvP areas including tp/trap killing players
  • Do not scam others using any methodology
  • Town mayors are allowed to set rules for their towns. If residents don't follow the rules set, mayors have the right to evict you from their town.

Building Rules

We do recognize that Minecraft is a sandbox game. However, expectations still must be put in place.

  • Once again, Grief is not permitted within town boundaries
  • Do not troll others by building stuff around their town boundaries or similar actions
  • No inappropriate builds

A note on AFK farms

As long as we don't observe any noticable impact on the server economy or an impact on the performance of the server (lag), AFK farms are allowed. However this policy may change in the future or farms may be otherwise limited.

Modification Rules

Mods are extremely cool, and for some they make the game playable at all. This section outlines what you may and may not use.

Not allowed:

  • X-Ray mod or texturepacks
  • Hacked Clients
  • Auto Clickers, Macros, Auto-Fishers, and/or any form of automation


  • Optifine
  • Minimaps (disable cave finders)
  • Shaders
  • Schematica or Schematica-like mods (with print mode disabled)
  • Inventory & mouse tweaks
  • HUD mods
  • Raising gamma

Real Money Transactions

If it's not sold by us on our donation store, it's not allowed. Any use of external communication channels to offer exchanges involving hard currency (e.g. US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euros, GBP, etc.) are not allowed.
Simply: You can't sell in-game items to another player for IRL money.

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