Added Custom Items, Adminshop, and More!


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Jul 13, 2020
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Ok! It took me a while, but as promised, here's the big update I've been talking about for a while!

You want custom items? We got 'em. Want furniture? Yep, we've got that too. Want custom crops and food? We've got you covered. I've been working on this on the test server with our testers for a while now and I'm finally ready to push it live!

For you to be able to use and see the custom items, you must have resource packs enabled. To do this, simply go to your server list and enable resource packs! If you don't know how, click the button below.

These custom items are called Curiosities, and you can find all of them by using /curiosities.

Along with that, if you wish to cultivate your own brand new crops, you can visit Farmer Tommy at our new Spawn marketplace and buy seeds for your crops! Simply go to /warp marketplace and talk to Tommy!

Now, I know some people ahem, Dylan have been asking for an admin shop of some sort for some time. I warned you it would be expensive, and I delivered on that promise! If you wish to waste your money and overspend, visit /stupidshop today!

And finally, last but not least, I've removed the teleportation delay. You'll never have to wait 3 seconds again!

Hope the update was worth the wait, I've got more to come!