Demolition Timer, Prestige, Tags, and Points


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Jul 13, 2020
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Hello everyone! I've been working on quite a few things behind the scenes and have silently implemented a bunch of things that you should know about. This post covers those things and is broken up into sections so you can pick and chose what to read, but I'd really recommend reading the whole thing as it's all important.

Demolition Timer
The demolition timer is a system that essentially gets rid of inactive players. Essentially, after two weeks of inactivity, a player's "resident" record will be deleted in Towny. This means that you'll lose your town and town blocks. Essentially, if you've been inactive for two weeks and log in after those two weeks, you'll find that you're no longer in a town and that any claims you've had will be removed from your ownership. If you are a mayor of a town with just you in it, that town will also be deleted. This is going into effect on the 29th of August, so if you've been inactive for more than two weeks it'll be in your best interest to join back and reset that timer.

Tag System
We now have a new prefix system called tags. You can now choose which tag that gets shown in chat before your name. Each rank has its own tag, and the higher ranks have access to all lower rank tags as well. Along with that, I'll be introducing special tags that you will be able to choose from. At the moment, the only other specialty tag you can choose from is the Prestige tags after you've unlocked Prestige.

Prestige System
For those of you that really like to go ham on leveling your mcMMO skills, this is for you. I'm introducing an optional prestige system that allows you to claim one prestige point per 1000 levels of mcMMO power you have (from /mctop). Unlocking prestige will gain you access to a prestige-only shop that allows for the purchase of extra town plots as well as points. Along with the shop, you'll also unlock Prestige tags in chat (pictured below). Again, you do not have to prestige, it's totally up to you, and when you do prestige your mcMMO stats will all be reset to zero. However, if you do choose to prestige, you do get perks.

You can request prestige in the #prestige-request channel on Discord.

In the past, the only way that you could earn points was to vote. That is no longer the case as of today! For every hour that you're online on the server, you will earn 5 points. No, it's not the fastest method in the world, but it does mean that you're not limited to voting for points.

Coming Soon
There are a few other things that I've been working on but I'm not quite ready to put them on the server quite yet. The first is that I've been doing a rework of our crate system. When implemented, the current vote crate system will be replaced and you will be able to earn different crate types. I'm not going to go into the details too much, but I'm really excited about this new system.

As well as the crate rework, I've been working on and testing out a variety of custom enchant systems. They will get implemented slowly, as I need to make sure that it's still a balanced experience. But, the enchantments should add some spice to the server.

I think that's it! If you've made it all the way down here, thanks for reading the entire post, I know it was a bit long. I'm excited about all of these changes, and I hope you all are as well!