Changes, Improvements, and Plans!


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Jul 13, 2020
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Hello everyone! As of today, it has been exactly one week since Endercross went fully public. I've been extremely happy with how things have gone and the feedback I've gotten so far. A lot has happened in a week, some of it behind the scenes, some of it not. If you're interested in what's changed, please read below, but for now, I need to announce a few changes formally here!

First and foremost, we have an AuctionHouse now. It's a little experimental right now as it's just been added, and it will require testing, but it is there. As always if you have issues with the plugin, let me know on Discord or here.

As well as that, there are 2 major new features at spawn that you should know about.

The first is the public town teleporter. This portal goes to towns that have chosen to be open to the public. You can see what it looks like in this screenshot:

As well as that, there is now an advertisement board for your shops! These are rentable for one week and are displayed prominently at spawn. Once again, this screenshot shows it off:

One thing that isn't at spawn, but is important, is our new Vote Party system. After a certain amount of votes, a "Vote Party" will trigger, giving everyone online a chance at extra loot! I'll be experimenting and tweaking the rewards, but as of now, you have a possibility of earning extra money, valuable ores, and vote crate keys!

Now, for things coming soon!

1. A lot of people have been asking if there will be a way to earn points through methods other than voting. I'll be adding a system that will give you points for playtime, as well as adding chances for higher point rewards from voting!

2. Along with adding a way to passively earn points, I'll also be adding more perks to the point shop! These will include things that can be found on the Endercross store, as well as some lower-level ranks with useful perks!

3. Another method of boosting your points will come in the form of adding another vote site to the mix. Right now, we've only got 5 sites. This will go up to 6 in the next day or 2, so keep an eye on /vote!

4. Finally, starting on the 1st of August, we will begin hosting double XP weekends! The first double XP weekend will be for mcMMO, and from there we will also have Jobs double XP weekends so keep your eyes out for that!

Now then! I think that's all I have to say for now. If you'd like to see a full list of changes made to the server over the last week, you can check the spoiler below. Thank you all so much for being a part of the Endercross experience!


  • Added /townyguide
  • Added /tgui
  • Added billboards at spawn
  • Added Stargate integration (portal system)
  • Migrated to Vote Party
  • Added /discord
  • Added /website
  • Added /vote
  • Added vote site list on the website
  • Added Towny wiki page
  • Added Auction House