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    This is a quick guide to Towny. Not every feature of Towny is talked about here, if you want to learn even more about Towny, click here.

    What is Towny

    Towny is a land claim and protection system, but more than that, it allows you to form communities while protecting your land. In Towny, you can create both Towns and Nations. Nations can house multiple Towns, and Towns can house multiple players.

    Why Towny?
    One major reason for our use of Towny is familiarity. The owner has been using Towny for as long as the plugin has existed, and many of the other staff have been using it for that long or at least for multiple years. We know what it can and can't do, and we recognize how flexible and cool Towny is.

    How do I create a town?
    On Endercross, starting a town costs $1,000 in-game currency. After you create a town, you must claim plots. Plots cost your town money. Claiming a plot costs $25 each, and your town gets 8 plots per resident. Plots are sized 16x16, and if you wish to see a plot outline, you can press F3+G on your keyboard. To claim a plot, simply run /t claim, and this will claim a plot for your town. The step by step guide below will explain how to create a town.

    Creating a Town, Step by Step:
    1. Choose the location for your town, and stand where you want the town spawn to be (the location you get teleported to when you run /t spawn)
    2. Run /t new <name> (Underscores can be used in the name and will appear as spaces)
    3. Deposit money into your town with /t deposit <amount>
    4. Claim plots around your town spawn with /t claim that you wish to be part of your town (use F3+G here to see the plot borders)
    5. Optionally, join a Nation to get bonus plots, or buy them with /t buy bonus <amount>. Bonus plots are $350 each in-game.

    Where can residents build?
    There are two options for this. One option is to allow all residents to build anywhere in your town. The other is to allow players to claim their own plots that they have control over. For the second option, you must put plots up for sale so that residents can claim them. If you so choose, they can be free. The way you do that is to stand in the plot you want to put up for sale and run /plot fs <amount>.

    This wiki is a work in progress. If you want to see something written here, tell Zack on the Discord or DM him here on the forums.