Demolition Timer

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  • Demolition Timer

    Endercross has a system in place that, after two weeks, your Towny data will be removed. This has two meanings, one for Nation/Town leaders and one for residents.

    For Residents:
    • Any record of you being in a town will be removed
    • Any friends you've added through Towny's resident system will be removed
    • Any bonus claims that you've been given will be removed
    • Any builds you have made will not be removed by Towny. If mayors delete your plots, that is not on us.
    For Mayors/Nation Leaders:
    • If you are the only one in your town and/or nation, your town and/or nation will be deleted.
    • If you have others in your Town/Nation, leadership of said Town/Nation will be passed to someone else inside of the Town/Nation.
    If you have been offline for more than two weeks it's not the end of the world! If you've lost your claims or town, they are most likely still there and can be reclaimed. As mentioned above, Towny doesn't demolish any of the builds you have made so everything can be reclaimed. If you were in a town, all you have to do is ask the Mayor to give you your plot back and everything will go back to normal.